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Gym/Garage – Hordon on the Hill



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Double Garage – Hordon on the Hill

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Living Room Re-Vamp

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Single Story Extension & Fitted Kitchen

Esh Extension 1 Esh Extension 2 Esh Extension 3 Esh Extension 4 Esh Extension 5 Esh Extension 6

Federation of Master Builders (FMB)

Just to let you all know that I am now an official member of The Federation of Master Builders.24-2-13 124-2-13


Started this extension in October 2012, completed from start to finish December 2012. Have now be asked to Plaster/Re-decorate the Living Room before moving on to the Bedrooms. Such lovely people to work (more…)

Bob on TV

Want to see The Real Bob The Builder on Television? Click here.

Welcome to Bob’s new website

Thank you all for adding me, accepting me, liking my website and those that have shared it. Just a quick up date to let you all know that my full website is now up and running. your able to see pictures (more…)